Script vs Screen

Ep. 10 - Fresh Off The Boat

September 22, 2015

Fresh Off The Boat is a fairly popular single-cam sitcom, loosely based on the memoir of Eddie Huang.  If you’re not familiar with Eddie, he’s an American chef and restaurateur.  The book “Fresh Off The Boat: A Memoir” and the show both follow Eddie’s family as they live their lives in Orlando, Florida in 1994 1995. (One of the changes from script to screen.)

Fresh Off The Boat is entering its second season on ABC.  The first season received overwhelmingly positive reviews, as seen here on Rotten Tomatoes, and if the pilot is any indication, it deserves the high praise.

In the script, most of the action follows young Eddie (Hudson Yang) as he tries to adjust to life in Orlando.  The pilot episode, however, more evenly distributes the screen time between Eddie, his mother Jessica (Constance Wu) and his father Louis (Randall Park).  And even though the entire pilot is filled with well-written, well-delivered jokes, Jessica steals the show by being such a believable fish out of water.  Even so, there are still great comedic performances by the oblivious restaurant host Mitch (Paul Scheer) and the so-over-it waitress Nancy (Jillian Armenante).