Script vs Screen

Ep. 19 - Code Black

November 24, 2015

We peel behind the epidermal layers of the CBS medical drama Code Black. Starring Marcia Gay Harden, Luis Guzman and a handful of new comers as medical residents this show aims to stay true and accurate to the nature that is LA County Hospital. As one of the busiest emergency rooms in the country they frequently find themselves understaffed and under resourced which is the crux of what a "code black" is. The characters and story in the pilot episode are well thought out, and while only a few scenes were cut and some names were changed the pilot episode and script received top marks. 

In this episode we discuss some of the changes, funny and heart-wrenching moments in the script and screen and in the last few minutes of the podcast discuss the entire US health care system in under 5 minutes. (Or perhaps not.)
Code Black is an incredibly well written and well done show and while both Jason and Alex are not super-fans of medical dramas, this show has definitely made us reconsider the genre.