Script vs Screen

Ep. 20 - Sneaky Pete

December 1, 2015

Sneaky Pete has found new life on Amazon Prime. After CBS passed on the Bryan Cranston and David Shore story of a 30-something con artist joining a family's bail bond business it was a small miracle that the off-cable networks decided to pick it up. David Shore has an incredible track record writing for Due South, Law and Order, and creating the venerable House MD. More recently his last show Battle Creek featuring Dean Winters and Josh Duhamel failed to attract a strong audience and was canceled after one season by... you guessed it CBS. 

On today's podcast we discuss some of the small changes from script to screen. We originally thought this wasn't going to be made into a pilot and were ready to discuss if CBS had made a mistake in passing on the show. 
What do you think? Are you glad Sneaky Pete has a second life on Amazon?