Script vs Screen

Ep. 22 - Blindspot

December 15, 2015

NBC hit a bullseye with their new show Blindspot, the story about a woman is discovered naked in a duffel bag in Times Square with no recollection of who she is or how she got there. She is the key to uncovering the mystery as her entire body is covered in cryptic tattoos that turn out to be leads to crimes about to occur. It's like Christopher Nolan's Memento meets Minority Report, or Prison Break with a woman.

It takes 7 hours each day to apply the tattoos to actor Jaimie Alexander in her role as Jane Doe. With so many tattoos it is possible for the writers to never run out of storylines and crimes to stop. But with a character that seemingly does not know who she is and why she has the tattoos to begin is it possible that Jane Doe's mystery is enough to sustain a series past Season 1?