Script vs Screen

Ep. 25 - Bonus Episode Season 3 talk

January 12, 2016

Thank you to all our fans, listeners and supports of the podcast. We take a little time to talk about some things regarding the upcoming season we are working on. 

We bring up something regarding our Twitter account and Dr. Ken actor and star Ken Jeong.
And talk about the upcoming season's new structure. Moving forward we hope to keep the episodes under an hour, and have about 4 sections: 
A) Differences between the script and the final production.
B) More talk about the Cast
C) Catch-All, a section where we can bring up something about the show we wanted to elaborate on, including controversy, and Hollywood news
D) Hot-Minute - a section where each host has one minute to talk about anything on their mind - sometimes about television or anything else. 
We end the episode with some inside information on upcoming series that have already been picked up. Shows like Gypsy, Futureman, and Marvel.
Looking forward to an amazing third season!