Script vs Screen

Ep. 30 - s3e5 - Always Sunny in Philadelphia

February 23, 2016

7:55am - Tuesday Morning.

We get to review the eleven season comedy juggernaut Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This show, even after all these years, is still going strong.Rob McElhenneyGlenn Howerton, and Charlie Day are the insane geniuses behind this "Seinfeld on Crack" style show. Also featuring Kaitlin Olsen, and Danny DeVito. In this episode of Script vs Screen we go through some minor changes we found in the script, mostly due to allowing the actors room to breathe and improvise within the lines on the script. The four main actors have such great chemistry, it is no wonder the comedy just explodes on stage. When Danny DeVito joined the cast in the second season it was like adding more gasoline to an already roaring comedy fire.