Script vs Screen

Ep. 31 - s3e6 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

March 1, 2016

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, starring Andy Sandberg, Andre Braugher, and Terry Crews is a brilliant and absurd comedy with heart. Created by veteran comedy writers Michael Schur, co-creator of Parks and Recreation, and Daniel J. Goor, a writer on Parks and Rec, this show is now in its third season on Fox. The writing on the show is solid, with incredible story lines that show off the absurdity in the characters, keeping things fun and funny, while never making light of the crimes they solve.

Since it first debuted, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has consistently been a well written, well performed show. With guest stars Dean Winters and Craig Robinson, this comedy powerhouse brings the laughs every episode. It has made stars of all the cast, and we are excited for its continued success for many more seasons.