Script vs Screen

Ep. 32 - s3e7 - Mad Men

March 8, 2016

Mad Men is a delightful look into 1960's New York life, using the crazy world of advertising as the perfect backdrop to this drama. At the center is the enigmatic and charming Don Draper, the genius ad man (or madman) at the Sterling-Cooper agency. Created by Matt Weiner, who used this script he wrote in 1999 to get a job with David Chase on the Sopranos, Mad Men is known for being authentic and real without being too over the top. The clothes, the brands, even the weather were meticulously researched and many historical events made their way into the seven seasons of this very popular show.

It would almost impossible to believe anyone else in the Don Draper role aside from Jon Hamm. While a few auditioned for the role, it was fortunate for Jon Hamm as he had a streak of bad luck being cast into shows that never got picked up. In this episode we cover some of the other trivia on who auditioned for which roles, and as usual we note some of the changes from script to screen.