Script vs Screen

Ep. 38 - s04e01 - Preacher

July 19, 2016

We have returned from our hiatus to start season 4 with an incredible show with AMC's Preacher. This comic book adaptation has been in the works since the mid-1990's. Fans of the story and comics Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg finally bring this to the screen and the adaptation is different from the source material giving it a fresh essence that has Garth Ennis' blessing.

The show is a campy, fun and close adaptation of the comic book. There are a few moments of action, which makes the show seem slow, and at times it was hard to have empathy for Jesse Custer - many of his sermons delivered seemed dry and without any sort of conviction or zeal. It was hard to believe Dominic Cooper in those moments. Visually, the show is doing a great job with sweeping establishing shots showing off the sadness and desperation of Annville. As directors both Rogan and Goldberg do a great job in telling a very complex story in a packed 60 minute show. The writer Sam Caitlin did an amazing job and it is worth reading to see how a great script is written.

This is definitely something you should give your attention to past the first episode. If the F'ed up, wild, bizarre and twisted story that is Preacher comes to light in the rest of the episodes the audience is in for a special treat. And AMC is the right network for that to happen.