Script vs Screen

Ep. 39 - Animal Kingdom TNT - s4e2

August 16, 2016

This week we look into Animal Kingdom, the action drama series on TNT. Inspired by the Australian movie with the same name, the premise revolves around a young boy "J" taken in by his extended family.

The young boy's (Finn Cole) grandmother is the matriarch of a crime family, where two of her boys and an "adopted" third (Scott Speedman) pull off heists to fund their somewhat lavish lifestyle. Somewhat because they live in a modest home in Ditmer, California. Conflict arises when Smurf's eldest son returns from prison looking to rejoin the gang. Animal Kingdom is like the Sopranos meets Point Break, meets the Sons of Anarchy, meets the Trailer Park Boys.
We would recommend the original Australian movie, if you enjoy an interesting, thoughtful drama on the meaning of family. The show is still something to question. If you enjoy bad people doing bad things, then this is right up your alley. Shirtless men, drug use, stealing cars, shoot outs, the California sun, excessive drinking and sex, and wrestling in a pool -- Animal Kingdom is very much an Americanized version of the simple story around an Australian young boy trying to belong.