Script vs Screen

Ep. 9 - Fear The Walking Dead

September 15, 2015

AMC's Fear the Walking Dead is a prequel spinoff to the popular Walking Dead series. In this episode we pick apart the script and final product like a decaying body. While the essence of the script is in the final show, names have changed, a couple of scene locations change, references get dropped, while others change completely and the over all tone seems a little bit lighter and less scary. It is a challenge for a show like this because the audience already knows what happening. The pacing picks up in the second episode as more and more people come to realize something seriously messed up is going on. But no one is able to call it out.

One thing is clear though, in a world like ours the Los Angeles of Fear The Walking Dead is devoid of any sort of zombie pop-culture.

This is particularly fun episode as Jason and Alex wonder what they would be like in the zombie apocalypse. (Here's a hint: Alex believes he'd be zombie chum)