Script vs Screen

Script vs Screen - Ep. 7 - Forever

September 1, 2015

We take a look at Forever, a fantastic and elegant show about Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd), a 200 year old man who currently works in the New York City's morgue as a medical examiner. With his keen sense of deductive reasoning, and impressive wealth of knowledge of people and all things death he joins Detective Jo Martinez in solving the city's murders. Forever is one part Sherlock Holmes, one part Law & Order, garnished with a bit of CSI and a splash of Castle for good measure. We look at several changes in the script, where many scenes in the final tv production were stopped early for a more dramatic turn, compared to the script which continued the dialogue to often end of a call-back or lighter play on words. Interestingly, the cast is very strong in the show, with only one not making the cut past the initial first episode. In fact, that actor barely made it into the pilot, with scenes in the script being cut completely from the final product. Take a listen to find out who we are talking about, with all the other wonderful differences.