Script vs Screen

Script vs Screen - Ep4 - American Odyssey

August 11, 2015

While the script "Odyssey" was renamed American Odyssey to cash in on the success of American Sniper, it wasn't compelling enough for NBC to want to continue this adventure. Subsequently the network canceled the show after the first season. Part of us is relieved at this, even though we both love this genre. But American Odyssey in the first episode already seems to go off the rails.

The American Odyssey pilot takes the viewer on an incredible journey to the terrorist besieged villages of Mali, the streets of NYC, to the snowy streets of Eagleheights, Delaware (seriously?) all in an attempt to interweave a shadow conspiracy taking place between the military, the corporate entity SOC and a terrorist organization. 
The show is clearly a mash up of Homeland meets 24 meets The Firm meets The Net meets GI Jane meets COnspiracy Theory, meets every other political, military, internet, conspiracy movie and TV show out there. Unfortunately the show lacks logic and suffers from trying too hard, and achieving too little.