Script vs Screen

Script vs Screen - Ep6 - The Goldbergs

August 25, 2015

Based on Adam F. Goldberg's real family The Goldbergs is an updated version of the popular and much loved show The Wonder Years. In fact it's hard not to draw comparison, but to Adam F. Goldberg's credit, it is exactly what he was trying to create -- all the way from the authentic sets and references and the perfect voice over work by comedian Patton Oswalt.

In this episode we geek out on this script, enjoying all the awkward jokes, and musical references. Having spent the last week catching up on The Goldbergs we can say the show does not disappoint one bit. What could have easily been a sitcom that abused 80's references for laughs the Goldbergs story telling is effective, the jokes timeless, despite their setting.

The pilot script and the show get some of the highest marks thus far on the podcast.