Script vs Screen

Script vs Screen - Ep8 - The Carmichael Show

September 8, 2015

The best comparison for The Carmichael Show is the Norman Lear era type shows like All In The Family, Sanford & Son, Good Times and Maude all of which tackled larger than life issues like race, equality, abortion, sexuality, etc. etc. Something that has been missing from television as of late (or usually relegated to the slight undertones in dramas) The Carmichael Show wants to talk about these issues openly in the sitcom format.

In this episode we take a look at the original script and the final product and you'll be surprised by some of the changes - one of the biggest was the addition of Tiffany Haddish as Lil'Rey's (Bobby's) ex-wife. We are grateful for this podcast because without it we don't think we would have even considered watching The Carmichael Show, but after you take a listen we definitely think you should. Current episodes are streaming on so catch them while you can.