Ep. 44 - Lethal Weapon - s4e7

October 25, 2016

Fox's Lethal Weapon is a surprise hit for television. Many anticipated and reviewed that the show would and is a disappointment, however, it seems to be clocking in some impressive numbers right out of the gate with about 10 million viewers each episode. The show, starring Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford, brings to the small screen the action comedy cop duo of Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs. 

With Fox pouring a good dose of money into the production, and getting movie director McG to helm the first couple episodes the show offers a fast paced popcorn blockbuster cop show all from the comforts of your couch. It's familiar, but different - like Star Wars the Force Awakens.
One thing is for certain, with the recognizable star power of Damon Wayans, and the incredible and emotional acting from Clayne Crawford, as well as including Fast and Furious' Jordana Brewster, this show has a lot going for it. If Lethal Weapon's three movies are any indication, this television show is in for a long run.

Ep. 43 - Speechless - s4e6

October 11, 2016

Speechless on ABC breaks new ground as a show with one of its main characters being disabled and the format being a 30-minute comedy. That's right a comedy. And it is tasteful and touching, centering on a family trying to adjust to a big move to a new community who in turn is trying to do their politically correct best at welcoming them with open arms.

Families with disabled children have reacted positively to Speechless, as have the reviewers for the show, given them the levity they have craved. Speechless' main character JJ who has cerebral palsy and is restricted to a motorized wheelchair brings a character to life that has rarely been seen on television. Speechless' creator Scott Silveri channels his own life story of growing up with a sibling with disabilities to bring a realism and humor to the show. It stars Minnie DriverJohn Ross Bowie, and Cedric Yarbrough.

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Ep. 42 - Designated Survivor - s4e5

September 27, 2016

We return from the summer with a new batch of autumn pilots. Our first show is the explosive political thriller Designated Survivor, starring Kal PennNatascha McElhoneMaggie QLaMonica Garrett, and Kiefer Sutherland. It is hard to not look at Kiefer Sutherland as anything but Jack Bauer from 24, and this show is a mashup of 24 meets Homeland meets House of Cards. So much so you can hear the little familiar House of Card trills and horns in the Designated Survivor theme. The script and show have a great premise to work with, and definitely deliver an action packed hour of television. The show does an excellent job establishing the characters, the world, and what is at stake - which for a show centered on the annihilation of the United States government - is a heck of a lot. 

Designated Survivor starts off really strong with an incredible premise and it will be interesting to see where it can go. 

Check out Designated Survivor Wednesday's at 10pm on ABC.

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Ep. 41 - Minisode (Post Warrior Talk) - s4e4

September 13, 2016

This minisode was a product of us getting really carried away in our discussion after Warrior. We wanted to share this, because we have learned that you can always take away something from every script you read. And what works and what doesn't work can only help with your own personal writing. Becoming a screenwriter in Hollywood can seem pretty elusive, but it is important to craft your own path, write the things you know and care about, and do not let minor set backs define you. Plus, it gives us another reason to sample the Stranger Things theme. 


Ep. 40 - Warrior - s4e3

September 6, 2016

We were fortunate enough to get a script and first look at a pilot episode of Warrior - a mysterious martial arts crime drama that was potentially going to find a home on NBC. The script is really well written, with big ideas and great descriptions of the action and story. This show really illustrates that even with a great script, a strong cast, a skilled director and backed by a great production company, the final project could still miss the mark with editing, and not having the budget for better special effects, or more characters to give it a more fuller feel. It is as though it has all the right ingredients, but was not left in the oven long enough to rise.


Ep. 39 - Animal Kingdom TNT - s4e2

August 16, 2016

This week we look into Animal Kingdom, the action drama series on TNT. Inspired by the Australian movie with the same name, the premise revolves around a young boy "J" taken in by his extended family.

The young boy's (Finn Cole) grandmother is the matriarch of a crime family, where two of her boys and an "adopted" third (Scott Speedman) pull off heists to fund their somewhat lavish lifestyle. Somewhat because they live in a modest home in Ditmer, California. Conflict arises when Smurf's eldest son returns from prison looking to rejoin the gang. Animal Kingdom is like the Sopranos meets Point Break, meets the Sons of Anarchy, meets the Trailer Park Boys.
We would recommend the original Australian movie, if you enjoy an interesting, thoughtful drama on the meaning of family. The show is still something to question. If you enjoy bad people doing bad things, then this is right up your alley. Shirtless men, drug use, stealing cars, shoot outs, the California sun, excessive drinking and sex, and wrestling in a pool -- Animal Kingdom is very much an Americanized version of the simple story around an Australian young boy trying to belong.

Ep. 38 - s04e01 - Preacher

July 19, 2016

We have returned from our hiatus to start season 4 with an incredible show with AMC's Preacher. This comic book adaptation has been in the works since the mid-1990's. Fans of the story and comics Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg finally bring this to the screen and the adaptation is different from the source material giving it a fresh essence that has Garth Ennis' blessing.

The show is a campy, fun and close adaptation of the comic book. There are a few moments of action, which makes the show seem slow, and at times it was hard to have empathy for Jesse Custer - many of his sermons delivered seemed dry and without any sort of conviction or zeal. It was hard to believe Dominic Cooper in those moments. Visually, the show is doing a great job with sweeping establishing shots showing off the sadness and desperation of Annville. As directors both Rogan and Goldberg do a great job in telling a very complex story in a packed 60 minute show. The writer Sam Caitlin did an amazing job and it is worth reading to see how a great script is written.

This is definitely something you should give your attention to past the first episode. If the F'ed up, wild, bizarre and twisted story that is Preacher comes to light in the rest of the episodes the audience is in for a special treat. And AMC is the right network for that to happen.


Ep. 37 - People vs OJ Simpson

April 12, 2016

In our final episode of season 3 we take a look at the show of 2016 People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story. This dramatic look at the crime of the century, is well cast, well acted (for the most part), and most importantly recaptures the fascination the country had in the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman by OJ Simpson.

Ryan Murphy, FX and the writers behind American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson really outdid themselves with this series, capturing the frenzy sensationalism that this case represented. In ten episodes race, politics, sexism, crime, the justice system and celebrity are all discussed deftly, making this series one of the best in 2016. 

The pilot kicks the series off with enough gore, camp, and information on the case to hook you in. If you have not already checked out FX's People v. OJ Simpson, find out now what the entire nation had experienced back in 1995.


Ep. 36 - s3e11 - Castle

April 5, 2016

Andrew W. Marlowe created something really wonderful with his show Castle. While the police procedural pairing up a unique character with special talents, with a by the book, no-nonsense cop is something TV viewers are accustomed to, both Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic brought something very special to Rick Castle and Kate Beckett. The strong acting, fun writing, and great storylines turned this police mystery show into an eight season fan favorite.


Ep. 35 - s3e10 - Recap Minisode

March 29, 2016

Instead of taking the week off, we bring you this bonus recap minisode. While Alex was away on his honeymoon, Jason takes the microphone and recaps the season 3 episodes, adding some hilarious updates on the shows. 

Jason has some great insight on the shows and shares his opinions on shows he wants to review and even shows he never wants to do like Fuller House. He shares some exciting news about Married With Children, incredible show stats on Always Sunny, and really strives for Script vs. Screen to get a hold of the Mr. Robot pilot episode.

Jason delves into more in depth reasons on why people hate Zach Braff from Scrubs...and finally he touches on that war he keeps wanting to start, all during season 3.