Ep. 53 - Subhah Agarwal & Curtis Cook- Jim Jefferies Show

August 15, 2017

In this episode we interview two writers from the political satire show The Jim Jefferies Show. Two stand up comedians, Curtis Cook and Subhah Agarwal, sound appreciative to work with the great comedian Jim Jefferies. Having the opportunity to watch an incredibly talented comedian Jim Jefferies churn out these amazing rants, jokes and take on US politics and world issues is a real eye-opener for Cook and Agarwal.

This fun episode is filled with some really helpful advice on sometimes doing the things you don't know will have a payoff, but with hard work and determination (also sheer grit, luck and a good manager) you can get some really awesome opportunities. What helps is that you do the work.

Both Curtis and Subhah are talented and funny comedians, and it sounds like the Jim Jefferies Show is a fun place to be - even if it might be depressing to learn just how bad US socio-political situation is getting, and just how weird our world can be.


Ep. 52 - Dan St. Germain - Superior Donuts

August 8, 2017

In our second interview we had the chance to sit down with comedian and writer Dan St. Germain. He opened up about his beginnings in stand up comedy, offering some really great advice for new comedians, as well as what it is like writing for the CBS comedy Superior Donuts. It was a really insightful chat with a very funny and talented writer. Superior Donuts starring Jermaine FowlerJudd HirschKaty SegalMaz Jobrani and Dave Koechner has been renewed for a second season and premiers on CBS Monday, October 30 at 9:30pm. 

Dan St. Germain mentioned his colleague Dan O'Shannon's book and you can get What Are You Laughing At? by clicking here. 


Ep. 51 - Dominic Dierkes - The Mick

August 1, 2017

We introduce this side project Script V. Screen: Writers' Room where we sit down with various writers in the industry to give us a little insight into what it's like being in the room, the process taken to get that beloved television show on air. For each writer has their own experience, and each room is run in its own unique way depending on the showrunners, stars and network executives involved.

For our pilot episode of SVS: Writers' Room we are honored to be interviewing Dominic Dierkes.

You might know Dominic from his sketch group Derrick Comedy with Donald Glover and D.C. Pierson. He has been a staff writer for shows such as Allen Gregory (created by Jonah HillAndrew MogelJarrad Paul), Workaholics (created by Blake AndersonAdam DevineAnders Holm), The Grinder (created by Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul), and Making History (Julius Sharpe). 

He is currently a staff writer on The Mick working with writers/creators David and John Chernin, former staff writers on Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Ep. 50 - 50th Episode Bonus s4e13

February 14, 2017

We celebrate our 50th episode by reviewing this past season's shows, giving our thoughts on some of the shows we covered, what we have learned from reviewing all these pilot episodes and what we are looking forward to in the 2017 TV season.

It was an exciting time here at Script vs Screen, we hope you have enjoyed the past 49 episodes covering so many different genres and networks. We covered a lot of different shows from incredible hits like 30 Rock, Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Frasier to never seen shows like Warrior and Coach.

We took a look at new shows like Sneaky Pete, which a year later is now enjoying a strong audience, and Preacher, both of which are looking forward to a second season. There are a lot of exciting things happening in the coming year for television and the movie industry. Networks like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are still busy producing new content, while more established networks continue to experiment with newer shows on traditional channels like television along with online content distribution such as CBS' All Access platform. This means good things for those that love TV - more choices, more shows, more stories - as well as those that write and act for the shows - more opportunities to create and perform. Here is to a great year ahead!


Ep. 49 - Frasier - s4e12

January 31, 2017

In our last episode of season 4 we take a look at the beloved, highly awarded comedy Frasier. With an incredible cast that included Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce, John Mahoney, Jane Leeves and Peri Gilpin, Frasier was on the air for an outstanding 11 seasons. This made Kelsey Grammer's Dr. Frasier Crane, one of the longest played characters on television on three shows. This show, created by David Angell, Peter Casey and David Lee, is one of television's greatest spin-off series.

The pilot episode is well written, and brilliantly performed. There is such great chemistry between Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce you'd have a hard time not believe they were not actual brothers. This first episode does an excellent job of establishing the entire premise of the show, bringing the beloved Frasier into the spotlight.

Voted 35 of the Top 50 shows on television, Frasier is a top-notch comedy worth seeing. Netflix has all eleven seasons now streaming, and perhaps it is time for fans to revisit a classic, and for new viewers to enjoy an all-around solid show. Like an excellent wine, Frasier has aged well and needs to be appreciated for the great television it is.


Ep. 48 - Shut Eye - s4e11

January 10, 2017

Veteran screenwriter Leslie Bohem tackles the seedy underworld of Los Angeles psychics in this Hulu Original series. Shut Eye follows Charlie and Linda Haverford as they attempt to rise up from their underling position in the Romani world in which they inhabit. This drama is an interesting peek behind the curtain into a world often passed by, and until now overlooked. What goes on in these psychic parlors? Who really owns them? What mysteries lay behind the neon signs?

Strong performances from Jeffrey Donovan as Charlie, and KaDee Strickland as his tough and ambitious co-conspirator/wife Linda. Australian actor Angus Sampson plays Fonso, the "leader" of the Romani family.  He sees to be channeling an over-the-top Tony Soprano with a gruff Batman voice and seems cartoonish in many scenes. His work (alongside Jeffrey Donovan) in Fargo Season 2 is worth noting as incredible, so anything he does in Shut Eye is forgivable. And if you did not think the cast could get any better it has David Zayas (Dexter), Emmanuelle Chriqui (Entourage) and Isabella Rossallini as Rita Marks (the true head of the Romani empire.)

Shut Eye is a pinch of shows you know, a touch of a world you don't, mixed in with a really great cast. If the cards are right for this Hulu series, we see good things for this show in its future.


Rebroadcast - Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Happy New Year

December 20, 2016

We are rebroadcasting Script Vs Screen's Season 3 Episode 5 Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

Jason and Alex have had a great time this year with season 4 and looking forward to 2017. We are very excited to bring you new episodes, hoping to bring some requested shows into the Script Vs Screen family. Until then, merry christmas, happy hanukkah, and have a safe and happy new year everyone!


Ep. 47 - Chance - s4e10

December 6, 2016

Based on the novel by Kem Nunn "Chance" follows neuropsychiatrist Dr. Eldon Chance through a noir-ish drama involving an abused patient and her monstrous husband. While the acting is fairly decent in the pilot episode, having an incredible cast in Hugh Laurie as the titular character, Gretchen Mol as the dame in distress, and Ethan Suplee as the engaging but odd side kick D, the material falls a bit flat in the pilot. The script is richer with more characters, both annoying and odd, including a usually silent garage attendant and artist Jean-Baptiste and Chance's workplace partner Dr. Haig. The screen pares down the unnecessary for the pilot, mainly focusing on Chance, his strange friendship with D, his patient and obvious love interest Jacklyn Blackstone, and Chance's family - his ex-wife and daughter.

Chance is trying hard to be Amazon's Bosch with AMC's Breaking Bad. Hugh Laurie is a remarkable actor who brought his past character House to life with so much angst, edge and sorrow it would seem unlikely that could be repeated. We are willing to give Chance a chance (sorry we had to), but without much needed humor, and too much bizarre drama this does not seem like a show worth investing in.


Ep. 46 - Frequency - s4e9

November 22, 2016

We returned to the CW in this episode because we felt we did not truly understand certain CW shows. In this episode we looked into the pilot episode of Frequency, a time travel-esque show based on the movie Frequency (2000) starring Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel. The premise of the show follows female detective Raimy Sullivan (Peyton List) discovering her father's HAM radio in 2016 can contact her father 20 years into the past.

While we enjoyed this pilot episode, just after we reviewed it for this podcast Deadline released that both No Tomorrow and Frequency will not be getting more episodes ordered. Both shows will have season one on Netflix and the CW has not made any decisions just yet on whether or not it will cancel the shows.

Frequency is worth checking out if you like movies that play with time, and we all have this fascination with what we could do with that kind of super-power. It would be really cool to see how Raimy helps her father, Frank (Riley Smith) solve crime with a 20 year gap between them.


Ep. 45 - No Tomorrow - s4e8

November 8, 2016

The CW's No Tomorrow is a show about a 30-something attractive, risk-adverse, single woman who falls hard for a very handsome free spirit who happens to believe the world is going to end in less than a year. Together they embark on living life to the fullest, and knocking things off their Bucket List, or as Josh's Xavier has it, his "Apoca-list."

Starring Tori Anderson as Evey Covington, a product or productivity manager at a big-box cyber retailer very similar to Amazon, and Joshua Sasse (pronounced Sass or Sassy - we don't know) a former science magazine copy editor turned unemployed, live-everyday-like-it-is-your-last free spirit. These two are the reason to watch the show. Their charisma and charm is off the charts, and casting knocked it out of the park with two really attractive, endearing actors in Sasse and Anderson. Their chemistry is unbelievable, and you want to root for these two lovebirds.

The pilot episode covers a lot of ground, and we do mean a lot. Aside from establishing the obvious - the main character, the wacky coworkers, the terrible boss, the love interest, the ex-boyfriend, the intrusive, but loving family, and a life threatening heart condition (what?!) you may ask yourself how one sitcom manages so much. There's the catch: The CW has this as a 1 hour drama. After all, what's so funny about the end of the world?