Ep. 31 - s3e6 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

March 1, 2016

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, starring Andy Sandberg, Andre Braugher, and Terry Crews is a brilliant and absurd comedy with heart. Created by veteran comedy writers Michael Schur, co-creator of Parks and Recreation, and Daniel J. Goor, a writer on Parks and Rec, this show is now in its third season on Fox. The writing on the show is solid, with incredible story lines that show off the absurdity in the characters, keeping things fun and funny, while never making light of the crimes they solve.

Since it first debuted, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has consistently been a well written, well performed show. With guest stars Dean Winters and Craig Robinson, this comedy powerhouse brings the laughs every episode. It has made stars of all the cast, and we are excited for its continued success for many more seasons.

Ep. 30 - s3e5 - Always Sunny in Philadelphia

February 23, 2016

7:55am - Tuesday Morning.

We get to review the eleven season comedy juggernaut Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This show, even after all these years, is still going strong.Rob McElhenneyGlenn Howerton, and Charlie Day are the insane geniuses behind this "Seinfeld on Crack" style show. Also featuring Kaitlin Olsen, and Danny DeVito. In this episode of Script vs Screen we go through some minor changes we found in the script, mostly due to allowing the actors room to breathe and improvise within the lines on the script. The four main actors have such great chemistry, it is no wonder the comedy just explodes on stage. When Danny DeVito joined the cast in the second season it was like adding more gasoline to an already roaring comedy fire.


Ep. 29 - s3e4 - Lucifer

February 16, 2016

Fox's fantasy drama Lucifer centers on the titular character's recent "vacation" to Los Angeles. The show joins the spate of dramas that involve a special character teaming up with law enforcement to help solve crimes. Think Castle, Minority Report, Sherlock Holmes, Limitless, Bones, Forever, Elementary, and Sleepy Hollow. The police procedural is a comfortable format on television today, and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) offers the potential to be one of the most interesting of these quirky characters to team up with LAPD, and help detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

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Ep. 28 - s3e3 - Married w Children

February 9, 2016

As it is the case with our third episode we take a look back at a retro show, and we are delighted to take a look at the Fox Network juggernaut show Married with Children. It helped make stars out of Ed O'Neil, Katey Sagal, and Christina Applegate. Looking back it is almost hard to believe a show about a dysfunctional white trash family became so popular. But with such a strong cast, and a really lowest common denominator type of humor - jokes that included light misogyny, fat-shaming, and slutty blond references.  Incredibly, it all worked into a fun, highly popular show.


Ep. 27 - s3e2 - Angel from Hell

February 2, 2016

Angel from Hell is a high concept comedy starring Jane Lynch as the titular character. Jane Lynch stars as Amy, a down on her luck Guardian Angel, who is somewhat desperate to have her earthly assignment, Allison (Maggie Lawson) accept her help and guidance. Dr. Allison Fuller is skeptical, but willing to befriend Amy, despite partially believing that her, "guardian angel" is probably just a crazy person.

This sitcom has a stellar cast with incredible chemistry. Starring as Allison's brother Brad is Kyle Bornheimer, and the incredible Kevin Pollack stars as Allison's father Dr. Marv Fuller.
The first episode is heavy on setting up the premise, so give this Angelic comedy a chance, the proceeding episodes are a lot of fun, and very funny. 

Ep. 26 - s3e1 - Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life

January 26, 2016

We start seasons 3 of Script vs Screen with Fox's Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life. A cast of relative newcomers, with the Hangover's Justin Bartha and Battle Creek's Lisa Lapira. It's a Ferris Bueller meets Parker Lewis Can't Lose with a touch of over-the-top Workaholics/Hangover like antics. All directed to a Millenial demographic all trying to survive their 20's. 


Ep. 25 - Bonus Episode Season 3 talk

January 12, 2016

Thank you to all our fans, listeners and supports of the podcast. We take a little time to talk about some things regarding the upcoming season we are working on. 

We bring up something regarding our Twitter account and Dr. Ken actor and star Ken Jeong.
And talk about the upcoming season's new structure. Moving forward we hope to keep the episodes under an hour, and have about 4 sections: 
A) Differences between the script and the final production.
B) More talk about the Cast
C) Catch-All, a section where we can bring up something about the show we wanted to elaborate on, including controversy, and Hollywood news
D) Hot-Minute - a section where each host has one minute to talk about anything on their mind - sometimes about television or anything else. 
We end the episode with some inside information on upcoming series that have already been picked up. Shows like Gypsy, Futureman, and Marvel.
Looking forward to an amazing third season!

Ep. 24 - Game of Thrones

January 5, 2016

We are ending Season Two of Script Vs Screen with an incredibly well written script and an amazingly produced final produce: Game of Thrones. D.B. Weiss and David Benioff took George R.R. Martin's epic novels and translated them so incredibly well, we can only say if you can get your hands on the script you will enjoy reading it. And, for casual fans, with the new season coming to HBO in April it would be worth revisiting past seasons.


Ep. 23 - Year in Review/Happy Holidays

December 22, 2015

Script vs. Screen just wanted to wish you all a Happy holidays and a wonderful New Year.

Alex gives a quick year in review going over some of the episodes done on SvS and talks about some of the shows he hopes to catch up on during the break.
We give you a little television news on upcoming shows in 2016 and future projects in Hollywood it's just a quick message from us here at the podcast.
Thanks for tuning in and we look forward to more great things in the New Year!

Ep. 22 - Blindspot

December 15, 2015

NBC hit a bullseye with their new show Blindspot, the story about a woman is discovered naked in a duffel bag in Times Square with no recollection of who she is or how she got there. She is the key to uncovering the mystery as her entire body is covered in cryptic tattoos that turn out to be leads to crimes about to occur. It's like Christopher Nolan's Memento meets Minority Report, or Prison Break with a woman.

It takes 7 hours each day to apply the tattoos to actor Jaimie Alexander in her role as Jane Doe. With so many tattoos it is possible for the writers to never run out of storylines and crimes to stop. But with a character that seemingly does not know who she is and why she has the tattoos to begin is it possible that Jane Doe's mystery is enough to sustain a series past Season 1?